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What to Do When Your AC Breaks Down: A Step-by-Step Guide

AC replacement is a significant investment for homeowners, and ensuring a smooth and successful installation process is crucial. To help you navigate this important decision, Strickland Heating and Air, a trusted HVAC service provider, presents a comprehensive guide on what to check during AC replacement. By considering these essential factors, you can maximize your new air conditioning system’s efficiency, longevity, and performance.

What to Do When Your AC Breaks Down - A Step-by-Step Guide

What Is The Difference?

A mini-split AC system differs from traditional AC units in several ways. Firstly, mini splits do not require ductwork for air distribution, while traditional AC systems rely on ducts to deliver cooled air throughout the building. Instead, mini splits consist of separate indoor units directly connected to an outdoor unit via a conduit. This allows for greater installation flexibility and eliminates energy losses associated with duct leaks.

Additionally, mini splits offer zoning capabilities, allowing independent temperature control in different areas or rooms. This personalized control, along with their energy efficiency, compact design, and quiet operation, sets mini splits apart from traditional AC systems.

1. Sizing and Load Calculation

One of the most critical aspects of AC replacement is ensuring proper sizing and load calculation. A professional technician from Strickland Heating and Air will thoroughly assess your home’s cooling requirements. Factors such as square footage, insulation levels, number of occupants, and local climate patterns are considered to determine the appropriate AC unit size. Undersized or oversized units can lead to energy inefficiency, poor performance, and premature wear and tear. By selecting the right-sized unit, you can optimize energy consumption, enhance comfort levels, and avoid unnecessary repair costs.

2. Energy Efficiency and SEER Rating

Energy efficiency is another vital consideration during AC replacement. Look for units with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. The SEER rating indicates the unit’s cooling output in relation to the energy input over a typical cooling season. Higher SEER-rated systems are more efficient, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact. Strickland Heating and Air can provide expert advice on selecting an energy-efficient AC unit that aligns with your budget and sustainability goals.

3. Ductwork Evaluation

Before AC replacement, it is essential to assess the condition of your existing ductwork. Leaky or poorly insulated ducts can significantly impact energy efficiency and compromise the performance of your new system. Strickland Heating and Air can inspect your ductwork for leaks, damage, or inadequate insulation. They can recommend repairs or replacements to optimize airflow and prevent energy loss if necessary. Properly sealed and insulated ducts will help your new AC unit operate efficiently and evenly distribute conditioned air throughout your home.

4. Upgrading Thermostat

Consider upgrading your thermostat during AC replacement. A programmable or smart thermostat offers advanced features that enhance energy efficiency and convenience. These devices allow you to set temperature schedules, adjust settings remotely, and optimize cooling based on occupancy patterns. Strickland Heating and Air can help you select and install a thermostat that complements your new AC system, enabling you to maximize comfort while minimizing energy usage and costs.

5. Warranty and Maintenance Plans

Ensure that your new AC system comes with a comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer. Review the warranty terms and understand the coverage provided for various components. Additionally, inquire about maintenance plans offered by Strickland Heating and Air. Regular maintenance is essential for preserving the performance and longevity of your AC system. Opting for a maintenance plan can help you stay on top of necessary inspections, tune-ups, and minor repairs, preventing potential issues from escalating into costly breakdowns.

Why You Should Use A Professional

Trusting a professional like Strickland Heating and Air to install a new AC system offers several benefits and ensures a smooth and successful installation process. Here are some reasons why relying on professional expertise is crucial:

  1. Technical Knowledge and Experience: HVAC professionals have in-depth knowledge and expertise in installing air conditioning systems. They are trained to handle complex installation procedures, including electrical connections, refrigerant handling, and ductwork configuration. Their experience allows them to navigate potential challenges and ensure the installation is done correctly.
  2. Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations: HVAC professionals are well-versed in local building codes and regulations related to AC installation. They ensure that the installation meets all safety standards and requirements. By adhering to these codes, you can have peace of mind knowing that your AC system is installed correctly and in compliance with applicable regulations.
  3. Equipment and Tools: HVAC professionals can access specialized equipment and tools necessary for AC installation. They come prepared with the right tools to handle the job efficiently and safely. Attempting a DIY installation may lack the proper tools and increase the risk of errors, safety hazards, and potential damage to the equipment.
  4. Post-Installation Support: Reputable HVAC professionals like Strickland Heating and Air offer post-installation support and services. They can guide operating the new AC system, answer any questions you may have, and address any concerns. This ongoing support ensures you get the most out of your new AC system and helps maintain its performance over time.


When it comes to AC replacement, paying attention to crucial considerations can make a significant difference in the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your new system. By collaborating with Strickland Heating and Air, a trusted HVAC service provider, you can benefit from their expertise and ensure a successful installation process. Each aspect plays a vital role in optimizing your cooling system. You can enjoy reliable and efficient cooling for years by prioritizing these factors.

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