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Are you looking for an HVAC repair in Benbrook, TX? If so, it is advisable to research before deciding. There are different types of HVAC systems, including split, ductless, hybrid, and packaged heating and air systems. If you need help figuring out what to look for or where to start your search, consult the experts from Strickland Heating and Air.

A little inquiry goes a long way in preventing airborne particles and choosing a suitable unit for reducing humidity. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to determine how various systems influence indoor temperature, air quality, and energy consumption. Here are factors to consider before buying an HVAC system.



HVAC technology has improved significantly over the years. As the number of manufacturers continues to grow, the industry has established rating systems to determine the efficiency of different products on the market. Some of the most common ratings include Seasonal Energy Efficient Ration(SEER), AFUE, HSPF, and EER. The ideal SEER rating for household units is 15 but check with a professional before installing an HVAC in Benbrook, TX.
Smart Thermostat


The spaces you want to be heated and cooled factor in when deciding which HVAC system to install. The capacity of a unit is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), and the higher the rating, the greater the capacity. We can assess your heating and cooling needs and recommend a suitable BTU rating without compromising efficiency or comfort. The last thing is to overwhelm a small-capacity unit or incur costly energy bills by installing a larger capacity unit than required. .

Temperature and Air Quality

HVAC systems ensure our indoor spaces are comfortable throughout the year. As mentioned, it is essential to consider how various heating and cooling units influence your energy consumption, temperature, and air quality. If your unit needs to improve your home’s quality and cozy ambiance, we can help you find a more efficient HVAC in Benbrook, TX. You don’t have to persevere through inefficiencies and the subsequent repercussions; call us today and let our contractors restore comfort and safety in your home.


Indoor Air Quality

Programmable Thermostat Compatibility

New models integrate with a programmable thermostat. If you are planning to buy an HVAC in Benbrook, TX, we recommend one compatible with these modern innovations. Since you can control heating and cooling virtually, it saves you hundreds of dollars annually on energy bills. Homeowners can turn their units off when no one is home, increasing the lifespan of your system. While your old system may be running as expected, there are many benefits to investing in a newer, more efficient model, and we can help with installation and maintenance.

Maintenance Requirements

Like most systems in your home, the HVAC requires regular care for optimal performance. Many people only negotiate the initial purchase and installation costs, forgetting the system will require maintenance. Leverage our expertise to ensure you buy a cost-effective, low-maintenance HVAC in Benbrook, TX, without compromising efficiency and performance.

Contact us at Strickland Heating and Air to learn more about HVAC systems and how to make an informed purchase. We offer top-notch HVAC repairs in Benbrook, TX.


AC Maintenance

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We don’t want you to be concerned about your comfort. Therefore we provide a wide selection of services to meet and surpass your expectations. Our crew can handle all your heating and cooling needs, from installation to maintenance to repair and replacement.

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