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Strickland Heating and Air are happy to provide high-quality HVAC installation services to Aurora, TX, residents. Our significant experience in the HVAC business guarantees that you will receive excellent service. We recognize the importance of having a dependable and effective heating or cooling system and will work hard to meet your requirements.

Strickland Heating and Air is your go-to company for HVAC maintenance services. We employ cutting-edge instruments and processes to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are in top working order. We provide various services, including tune-ups, cleaning, and more.

Our maintenance service is a great method to keep your system functioning smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, it might assist in extending the lifespan of your system and avoid costly repairs in the future. Our skilled technicians can quickly and easily discover possible problems with your HVAC system, allowing you to repair them before they become a more significant issue.


Air Conditioning

Strickland Heating and Air is an excellent choice for air conditioning repair. We specialize in air conditioning repair and installation, so you can count on us to complete the work perfectly the first time. We provide a comprehensive range of HVAC services, so we can assist you no matter what your requirements are.

It can be highly inconvenient when your air conditioner or heat pump fails to function correctly. As a result, we make it our top priority to get your system up and running as fast as possible. We’ll work hard to identify and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We ensure that all our technicians are professionally trained and certified, so you can be confident that the task will be done correctly. We are your greatest bet for professional HVAC services because of our experience and use of cutting-edge tools and procedures.

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Cost-Effective Service

Our team is well-known for its pricing transparency and cost-effective service. We also believe quality should not be prohibitively expensive, which is why we provide financing options to make your heating replacement more accessible. Before any work begins, you will be provided a written estimate to know what to expect.

This will allow you to get the required system without breaking the bank. We recognize that heating replacement is a substantial investment, and we want to assist you in making the most of it.

Smart Thermostat
Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats

You may not realize it, but there are various advantages to using a smart thermostat service in Fort Worth, TX. So, if you don’t already have one, you should consider getting one. Here are a few indications that you require this useful device:

  1. You’re always late for work because you must get the house to the appropriate temperature.
  2. You have a young child or a pet constantly ill due to temperature changes.
  3. You’re overpaying on your energy costs because you can’t manage to maintain the temperature stable.
  4. You need help keeping track of your energy consumption and seeking a more efficient solution.
  5. You’re curious about the most recent advancements in clever home technology.

Many homeowners believe that they can install a smart thermostat on their own. However, unless you have prior knowledge of electrical work and understand how to operate a smart thermostat, it is recommended to hire a professional to install it. HVAC contractor in Fort Worth, TX.

Hiring a qualified installation will ensure that your new thermostat is properly installed and that all wiring and programming are done correctly. We can also advise you on how to get the most out of your new appliance and assist you in selecting an appropriate gadget for your property.

In addition to energy-saving functions, the thermostat offers various other advantages. Some models, for example, feature sensors that detect whether someone is home and change the temperature accordingly.


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Strickland Heating and Air are here to help with your heating and cooling system needs. We provide a wide range of services, including installation, repair, and maintenance! We have the skills and expertise to complete the work correctly. Find out why the residents of Aurora, TX, choose us for their HVAC needs.

Our service technicians will assist you in achieving maximum comfort in your home or office! To arrange an appointment or learn more about our services, please call us at (817) 676 7112.

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