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Strickland Heating and Air Keller, TX, provides various services, such as heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. Whatever your comfort requirements are, we will customize a servicing plan to meet them, and our technicians are always ready to answer any questions you may have.


Air Quality Testing

Strickland Heating and Air have provided superior air quality testing services to the people of Texas for many years. As proof of our exceptional service, we have a lengthy list of delighted customers. With how vital air quality testing is, you can’t afford to go with anybody other than Strickland Heating and Air.

Our objective is to provide you with excellent, dependable service. We are committed to your safety and will strive to keep your indoor air quality clean. If you require air quality testing in Keller, TX, Strickland Heating and Air is the only company to call.

Air Quality Testing

Heating Repair Services

Strickland Heating and Air can assist you whether your heating system requires a simple repair or a complete replacement. We are the most dependable heater repair company in Keller, TX, and the surrounding areas. In our industry, our dedication to quality and client satisfaction is unparalleled.

Repairing a Furnace
Furnaces are one of the most utilized heating technologies in the United States. They give a dependable and efficient method of heating your home. If your furnace is not working correctly, you must contact a repair agency ASAP.

Repairing a Boiler
Another prominent form of heating equipment seen in many homes is the boiler. When your boiler fails to function correctly, it can cause several issues, including high energy costs and water damage. If you are having problems with your boiler, contact a professional as soon as possible.

Repairing a Heat Pump
A heat pump is a heating system that uses electricity to transfer heat from one location to another. Heat Pumps can have issues with both their heating and cooling functions. Failure to address these issues can severely damage the heat pump.

Repair of Heating Ducts
An issue with the heating ducts is one of the most prevalent reasons for heating problems. If your heating ducts are not functioning correctly, it can cause various problems, including inadequate heat production and high energy bills. Any issues with your heating ducts must be resolved as soon as possible.

Repairing a Thermostat
Thermostats are in charge of controlling your home’s heating and cooling. They provide a novel method of adjusting your home’s temperature. If thermostats are not properly maintained, they will quit working. This can result in your home being too hot or cold.

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Our customers should always come first, and we work hard to ensure they are happy with our services. Our specialists are highly skilled, extensively trained, and outfitted with cutting-edge tools and technology to provide first-rate services, making our technicians the best in the industry.

If you require HVAC services, contact Strickland Heating and Air at(817) 676 7112. We assure you that our services will not disappoint you.

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